New songs.. New beginnings..

Appreciation Post Maybe I’ll open up the book. Don’t want to talk about myself to the fullest on here cause this is where I put my poems & rants all that. You people know this. For people who don’t know me too well outside this website I am a singer/model/lyricist that’s my passion. Today has been a beautiful day where I blossomed opened up about a huge part of my life. It’s important to me means everything to me. I am enterally grateful couldn’t be more grateful.


A dream since I was a youth has came true. Off my bucket list couldn’t be happier with this ‘interview‘ that I have done. No lie! Before I recorded this I was struggling to process this in my mind. Proudest moment already in 2021 for sure. I hope my video inspires you.

Yeah! Don’t really give out too much about my personal life however the video & this post will be enough. Grateful that all my friends are loving it.

New songs.. New beginnings; Since the beginning of this year & through out last year this is the longest I have been sober also cutting every single negative people completely out my life. This is how to live right! You people gotta do the same.

My song writing has really flown grown into a bunch of roses. So many colours so many ways. So many stories. I feel like I’m ready to record my EP. Life can be so scary sometimes it’s better to do everything sooner than later. Do you! Make yourself happy. Don’t focus on insecure sad hateful, jealous people life is too short. I haven’t stopped smiling purely happy.

Thank you for following me & being apart of my journey. If you’d liked more posts from me on here leave me a comment! Don’t have much more to say. You are all amazing.

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Ex Girlfriend Lurking

Looking through photos online.. do you miss her? Looking through old texts did you mean it in person? Removing numbers with a single message back!

What you saw in her couldn’t have a chance with a woman like me. Did you have fun lurking? When you don’t even have the self courage to say anything to my face in person. Was she the best thing? Then you run back to me online ‘while sneakily looking at everything I do onlinebigger picture is I’m not the only woman or man going through this stupid unthinkable situation.

Did you think of me while fucking her? Did you control her? Did you leave a bruise? I bet that made you feel good didn’t it? Stop stalking/lurking online you will never know me as a person. You will never understand or get the chance with me again. I don’t even stalk or lurk anybody these days to me it’s boring so overrated. Like grow the f up !!!

I’m getting so tired of this history repeating it’s self 弗. This is getting real boring out of hand ..

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You have missed (4) Phone calls.

Like a pure tear drop

I fall, I fell into your arms

You “pretended” you cared, liked me

I knew everything you did was shit.

The amount of times, you choose to lie & mess around

Just to break me into pieces

My worth is more, always will be.

Just like a text I didn’t reply..

Like the end of the phone ringing I didn’t answer

Your energy is bullshit I see straight through it

I don’t need a man or a woman, infact I shouldn’t have to explain or justify what’s my preference

My life has been private for a long time now. You read this it’s called a “highlight”.

Exs friends still stalk & talk, you don’t know me.

My life isn’t on your chapter.. that’s why hatred is behind.

Like most people say “It wasn’t love or for the sex” He & She didn’t deserve to know me or anything about me at all.

You have missed (4) phone calls.

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乙 Punch, A Kick, A Strangle To The Neck

Walking around the marina drunk, with her name bruised into my skin

Clutching my bottle of beer, cigarette in the other

A punch, a kick, a strangle to the neck

A death stare into her deep green eyes, Questioning will she ever be able to love her again?

Love making under the river boat roof, as her dog barks over our reggae played in the background

As I kiss her soft Jamaican lips, with her London personality flushed down my stomach

Tears fall down her cheek, as she laughs off the rejection of her love

‘I love you, Always’ pouring onto her soul under the bed sheets that smell, of her spirit

“You know I don’t feel the same back towards you” with a big of beer in her hand staring into her eyes, as the truth covers her into darkness

Our love is over. We was once strong friendships with laughter & joy.. now you just throw a punch or cuss words where ever you see me..

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又he Treats Everyone So Kindly

My head is continuesly spinning

Thoughts of she, where she maybe?

Invisible trapped away in her own mind

She treats everyone so kindly

Some people are cruel, bitterness grows

She says it how it truthfully is, others may can not handle

False hopes, plastic friendships. Pint glasses and dull laughs

Do you think I’m ever going to move on forward?

I let go of a picture of our friendship as my heart breaks into pieces of sadness

She smiles as the whole world listens in to her, like a telescope peeking throw a fish eye camera lense

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刀agpie In A Cage

Magpie in a cage

As she sings with her heart

While people misunderstood her

Her tears fall into place

While her hair is natty uneven

Magpie in a cage

It rained hard today, you can get far

Don’t stop trying

As her hear pours towards him

Glancing in his colourful eyes

As she admires over his, beauty & humour

Magpie in a cage

Cigarettes & hugs after sex

Unwashed hair, two days straight

Bruised skin, no eye-contact

She gave him presents & love

As he laughs at her like she has nothing left

Oh Magpie!

She prays to be set free

Nobody could understand or hear her

He throw away the key, as she looks over into the cage

I am broken. I am a mess. I am hurt.

With flesh running down her bruised arms & legs..

Trying to call up her friends with so little .. replys

Magpie please do try

You say your here, I can only fly so near

So much music in tiny amounts of space

The love felt so real. Shame I walked home in the wind. I just wanted to love him..

Magpie fly high. Your soul shall not depart.

Instagram: @nobodydoesitlikeholliemayx